Sunday, November 23, 2008

NaNo Day Twenty Three ~ It's Hopeless!

NaNo Stats: I haven't even hit 20K yet! [dismal & still counting]
A friend stopped by Friday to help me with a few things around here. BUT! In order for the place to look respectable for company, I spent most of Thursday running the vacuum in the bedroom [where she helped me change out the bedskirt], and the upper landing. I managed to dust a little and then I crashed on the couch--in pain--for the rest of the evening. Early Friday morning, I started the entire process over in the living room.
By the time she arrived late in the afternoon, I could barely move. She helped carry the 25# bag of bird seed and 21# bag of cat litter from the trunk of my car to their respective places inside. She also carried two tubs of yarn down from upstairs. I do my knitting when I'm in recovery mode. So, the better place to store it is in the closet under the stairs.
She sat and visited for awhile, and we talked for about our families and how things are at work. When she left, I loaded up on the pain meds, crawled under the down comforter and fell asleep on the couch. I woke once when my girls pawed for their dinner, but I returned as quick as possible to the comfort of sleep.
My entire body ached so bad Saturday, I physically felt ill. I tried to do a little work up here yesterday, but merely accomplished a blog post. I just couldn't sit here, much less stay focused. So, I gave in to another day of recovery.
I'm feeling better today, but I need to take a break after posting this. BUT! I'll be back up here for more NaNoing. I've not given up!

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Devon Ellington said...

Do what you can each day, and keep going beyond Nano to finish. Finishing is more important than finishing by November 30.

Feel better soon.