Thursday, August 21, 2008

2008 Muse Online Writer's Conference

This is going to be a quick update.

Life has a way of interrupting one's best intentions. I've missed posting here and hope to do a better job of keeping up with things. BUT! Yesterday's visit to the Writing Exercise Board, provided me with some inspiration come October.

Along with a comprehensive list of online writing classes, of which I hope to take advantage of one day soon, I found the following conference in a subsequent reply post.

I registered this morning. You can look for me there.

I'm also working on a story tentatively titled: Walks With The Moon. It's a contest entry. This one's for you, Faith, and that fast-approaching August 30th, deadline. I was kind of dead in the water for a few days, trying to figure out the overall storyline. I think I've got it now!

And-- I need also mention Interviewing Authors's interview with Devon Ellington. This particular interview was also a contest to win a CD copy of Devon's new release Hex Breaker. As of today I've not found it in the mailbox--[Carly Simon & An-ti-ci-pa-tion!]--but am looking forward to a most interesting read. There's an eclectic cast of characters, and I'm rather interested in seeing how they all interconnect. Thank you, again, for the winning copy! My first website contest win.

More soon!

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