Wednesday, November 5, 2008

History in the Making

NaNo Stats: 8419 words [& holding…..]
Well, first off-- I would be remiss by not mentioning the historical aspects of this new morning. Let us trust this day does indeed usher in the change we are so desperate to know.
Yesterday’s 30 Tips for 30 Days: Discovering what techniques work. For me that’s knowing I simply cannot follow, what is for many, a normal day’s process. [whine]When I took that break yesterday morning [part of that had to do with not having any coffee. Caffine is a no-no for fibromyalgia, so I'm trying not to live on the darn stuff!], it ended up being another nap, and I didn’t get back up here until around 1:30 p.m. This also means I bumped up my vitamin intake.[/whine]
Today's 30 for 30: Getting and staying ahead of the pace. It felt quite good to reach 8K yesterday, even though it took me all day to do it. It also means absolutely nothing else got done. I have several errands to run today, and this means I may not be as productive with my NaNo Stats.
Regardless, this little WriMo is on to Chapter Five ~ Holding Back

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Devon Ellington said...

Yeah, the fibormyalgia means you have to be flexible and listen to your body.

But you're doing great!