Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Antagonist Awakened!

This is going to be another brief post. I need all my energy [which is already waning] for Chapter Four ~ The Amethystine Chamber.
I am so pleased with my breakthrough this week. I discovered my Antagonist. Though I’ve yet to determine how Anders worms [Okay, — I've no doubt he’d say "charms"] his way into meeting Sophie, just this morning I determined how he, along with his family, interacts to Conall. It is Anders’s family who brought the old world curse to America.
Special note: The contest finalists were posted the other day, and no, my entry: Surrender, was not among them. I believe there is another win in store.
NaNo Day Four Word Count:
NaNo Stats: 8419 words [@ approx. 10:50 p.m.]
I will update the word count throughout the day. Unfortunately, the day has barely begun and I need to take a break already. Where is that darn heating pad?