Sunday, December 7, 2008

Partners in Marketing

Writing Tip of the Day: Dec. 7, 2008
Every book author (whether fiction or nonfiction)
needs to partner with their publisher to sell books.
Each author must create their own marketing efforts.
I cannot emphasize my amazement enough, in regards to how much is expected of an author’s participation in initializing the marketing of their published work. It’s not just talent that writers must bring to the table, but their marketing skills as well. My fear is that I'll fall short in this area and my physical limitations will be seen as a hindrance. But, I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.
First, I need to start looking at my writing as a job and not just what I do when I have time; when everything else is done and out of the way. I also need to look at marketing as part of the craft of writing. Where one goes the other simply follows. What time I carve out to write must also compete with the time allotted to market.
Lastly, I’m devoting part of December to organizing my writing goals for 2009. Though it'll more than likely carry over into Jaunary [Christmas is nigh, so-- I've got to keep it real!], I’m readying my planners and To Do lists; updating my Wants & Needs; and pulling out my recent brainstorming Word docs. And, with this particular tip in mind, I recognized the one missing factor. Marketing is nowhere to be found. As of this post, that factor is now remedied.
But first-- I believe I'm going to focus on getting something published! Well, before anything else, I truly need to focus on my health, or I'll accomplish nothing.
[See my comment to Lea Schizas' question regarding Writing Habits]

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