Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Eve!

Just in case you haven't found your way, here's the link to Norad Tracks Santa. He's currently over Uruguay, South America.
As for me, well the last few days have not been good. Though I did get out to the grocery, I spent the day before in recovery; from trying to finish up with my Christmas decorations. And yesterday it would seem the flu may have hit. It was a miserable afternoon and night.
I'm still not feeling right and I may not make it out to my sister's farm tomorrow for Christmas. No one out there needs what I may be suffering through, so-- it would seem I'll be spending Christmas at home, alone, with my girls.
Speaking of whom-- while they laid all nestled in for a long afternoon nap, I stuffed their Santa stocking with sparklely goodies: various balls, mousies, and these new little pastel color-blocked cubes that Pearl likes. She's so darn hard to shop for. And, we spent a little while, this afternoon, playing in fresh catnip.
Fatigue is setting in and I need to get back to It's a Wonderful Life.


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Matt said...

It seems like Christmas was just yesterday. In some ways, I wish the celebration would extend through January. I love January in the midwest when there's three inches of brand new snow on the ground (but no wind!). The kids and I went walking in the forest, took some pictures. It was fun. I will probably create a free online photo album at soon so I can remember days like this for years to come.