Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Very Cool Door Prize!

I wanted to take some time to thank Cate Prato, from Quilting Arts' IN THE STUDIO WITH CATE, for the perfect door prize.
The first 25 people to join the tour (i.e. leave a link to their tour announcement in my blog comments, below) will win a door prize from the Studios storage closet (books, fabric, craft bags, art supplies, and more).
I was lucky enough to have seen the Twitter post from @InterweaveNews and be among those first 25 people to join the incredible opportunity, via Cloth Paper Scissors' Studios Magazine, earlier this month.
The funny thing is I'd only just discovered this product [from Canvas Home Basics] while doing a little online window shopping at JoAnn Fabric and Crafts. I even bookmarked the page for later reference, when lo-and-behold! What arrives in my mailbox a few days later?
It's an item that I added to my Wants & Needs list. Well, -- it went on the Wants side. I'm living on a limited income, these days, so it's simply not a Need.
Thank you very much, Cate. It could not have been more appropriate.

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Cate Prato said...

It was meant to be! Glad you were so pleased, and thanks for participating.

Cate Prato