Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Ghostly Moon

It's wasn't quite 5p.m., yesterday afternoon, when I got up from my desk to take a much-needed break. Before I head down the stairs, though, I always take a look out of the window to check on the birds and the sky. And this time of year the trees, especially.
More than half of the trees, in this old growth tree neighborhood, have yet to let loose of their leaves. And I love the stark contrast between the autumnal colorings and the dark bared branches.
The dappled greying sky held both puffy white and ominous dark storm clouds. But what caught me by surprise, was seeing the moon already well above the eastern horizon. It appeared more as an ethereal ghost--awakened mid-sleep--not quite knowing exactly what time it was.
I shared the following post on Facebook.
A three quarter moon is risen and looks as a ghost amid the clouds in a
threatening Autumn sky.



Sheila said...

ooooooooo...goosebumps! LOVE the changing sky this time of year!

LLAbbott said...

Thanks for stopping by, Sheila! Autumn is my favorite time of year.