Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Writer's Worth

What would that be, exactly? A fair wage to be sure. But when a writer works freelance, the old mercenary reference [attributed to Sir Walter Scott] does NOT imply a writer's lance (his or her services) is free (of charge).
Somewhere along the great wide way, to those holding what is deemed a real job, freelancers [understandibly self-employed] are considered casual, irregular, and temporary in their work assignments. Regardless the societal conditioning, the contract any given writer enters into, deserves and warrents proper merit. That means maintaining a fair pratice of standard industry fees for services rendered. And to my understanding they're out there.
Worth denotes personal value. But worth is also a matter of perspective. And everyone’s worth is gained through the never ending experiences, or the lack thereof, of that which we lovingly refer to as Life. Though I’ve yet to earn any form of living from my writing, I do not intend—if and when the time comes—to sell myself short. But above all, I do not want someone else doing it for me by undermining [whether intentionally or un-] a proven profession.
I’ve learned, over this past year, there is a burgeoning struggle between the Doer and the Wannabe Freelancers. The Doers know, achieve, and expect their worth. The Wannabes are foolishly taking it all away. A demise not worthy of the loss.
To learn more about what's going on, click on the statue above and visit Lori Widmer's blog, Words on the Page. Check out the Comments to her numerous posts on the subject matter and find outwhat a writers worth is truly all about.

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Lori said...

Thanks for the link love and shout out, LL! Your support means tons to me. :)

You make a great point - we freelancers are not always regarded as having any particular worth. Often, we're seen as that casual contractor when in fact most of us bust our humps to carve out a pretty damned good existence.

Amen to standard industry fees for all! I used to think the trouble was with the job offers. But the trouble is with those among us who will accept less than they are worth. That, in my view is UNacceptable.