Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Focus for April

I thought this deserved its own separate post. Especially since I've been adding to it the last couple of days.
For the month of April:

  • Draft out notes [possible How To article] of my recent experience with Bean Sprouting
  • Diary of a Prisoner blog entries [When Last I Saw Him, Honoring the Dead, The Ancients, & The Day the Music Died]
  • This article rekindled my interest in the Day at the Marsh picture book proposal. [Thank you, Lea, for the Tweet & Follow] Lots of CDs to sort through.
  • Script Frenzy--REMEMBRANCE
  • Maintain: Tuesday’s Tips & Friday Five Favorites
  • My annual Earth Day Letter [which still has me- I'm totally clueless. I don't have the first word.]
  • How Would You Live ~ Quill of the Heart blog post [an email this morning, went a long way in reviving this one]
  • Renewal Journal blog post
  • Edit Blogger Bio.
  • Knitting book, book review

Non-writing-related focus:

  • With my next trip to grocery, I want to experiment with dehydrating onions and celery. [This relates to another article/blog post/How To, i.e., bean sprouting]
  • Work on building a website for a friend.
  • Update Pearls of Wisdom
  • Need to add the final finishing touches to the Garden Lantern handbag [to the right] I designed last year.
  • Finish reading intro to Knit & Purl, by Interweave press.

I know much of this will not come to fruition. But this does give me a plan from which to work and focus.

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