Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Use of Strong Language

Just so we are clear--- There is certain language that I never use.  Well--- I likely should not have stated "never."

I used the "F" word once during a standoff with my long since Ex, when I stood up to one of his more threatening bluffs. Though at the time--- I wouldn't have bet the bank on it having been a bluff. I was that scared. And another time, M-A-N-Y years prior when one of my sister's boyfriends decided to be an arse with me. My entire family supported the action I had taken that evening.... they knew I never used that word. And my sister quickly showed him that oh so proverbial door.

Certain of what many reasonably consider the more vulgar language is simply every day verbiage for others. And I had no problem using it in Death of a Human Heart, because I knew that Lionheart was simply one of those "others."

During a character's development, you get to know when certain verbiage just isn't quite the same. "‘What the Hell’s going on back there?’" would not have emoted the same anger. And Perrie Stevens/Dellesseea N'Syis is mindful that he grew up on the streets of the Eastern WestSector. Therefore I had no reservations of using the "F" word in its stead.

Blessings, L.L. Abbott

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