Friday, June 28, 2013

The Day the Music Died

Entry by: Dellasseea N'Syis--FirstBorn Daughter
As told by: Perrie Stevens/Dellasseea N'Syis
Third Era/Third Displacement/The Alone Years
Some years prior to the *Last Ground Battle?
*Unknown~The Future is no longer the same as previous Timelines
I rarely even listen anymore.  To me the airwaves are silent. The music no longer sings to me. Their voices have been stilled. Silenced by those that profited by their collective successes. Producers. Promoters. Managers. Unscrupulously, they diverted the attention of the consumer toward the new Dirty Urban sound coming out of the coastal WestSector. 

While their purpose, in Truth, had indeed been to find me, all of the Allied Bands are now, for all intents and purposes, silenced. By my very awareness. Their music no longer touches my heart.  I am left with only the replays; the classic memories of days gone by the way.  There is no one, in any radio station, willing to flip the switch to allow a live feed. And I am left empty inside. The emptiness prior to my Awakening is now simply replaced by one decidedly better defined.

Even though I am found, and able to discern their respective Touches from Within, I am as far away as my enemies could ever intend.  And though I've been heard to say, "I love his voice..." It no longer journeys through the static airwaves.  It has been silenced by the industry that made their millions off a voice that many today emulate.  Silenced because They knew I knew exactly who Ray Lynn was to me, and why it had been his voice alone that made my heart ache.

Now he sits alone in his expansive compound.  Waiting.  Imprisoned by what he'd accomplished.  But then that had been the plan.  He is merely holding up of his end of the new Bargain struck.  Meaning, this time around things are terribly changed.  By this time, last time, Ray Lynn and the Allies already had me in their protection; making sure the Chronicles were rewritten.  And republished.  Making sure the truth was told in what ways were left to us. 

But, in seeking to protect me from the ugliness of past timelines, he alone changed the course of the previously-known future.  The divorce trial did not happen. The near fatal attempt on my life has not happened. And now he waits.  Alone and somewhat engaged in the remnants of his success.  Waiting for me to make way toward him.  And here it is that the struggle continues.  Changing what once was has its ramifications.  Now he/they/all suffer the consequences.   

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