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Death of a Human Heart ~ Part Four

from his eyes came
 subtle acknowledgement

from her eyes falls
gently his peace
[WARNING: Some strong language]

Feeling each finger loosen and brush away, her eyes sealed even tighter.  Within the lingering silence of his passing, Dellasseea drew in and released another long and arduous breath.  She opened her eyes and looked upon that which was left to her.  Being of this world's true human descent, she could not absorb his essence.  He is gone to her now; forever.
All those bound to her heart—no matter the distance—also felt his passing and shared the anguish of her tears tenfold.  For the pain now suffered is hers alone, and it rushed through her entirety. 

Styian caught his friend's fallen arm and rested it gingerly upon the ground.  He then brushed his fingertips across The Interpreter's eyelids; closing them.

Totally unaware of Styian's movement, Dellasseea reluctantly released her embrace upon that which had encaged his terran bound soul, and slowly withdrew her hand from the gapping cavity.  All that came next seemed so scripted.  She had after all written and edited this moment dozens of times. Read and reread it countless times.  She listened to other peoples' suggestions for making it a better story.  And now--- she knew it as testament.

As Styian reached for the bloodied shirt that lay at his friend’s side, it seemed strange even to him that he could still be amazed when anything happened the way he read it as happening.  He took Dellasseea’s hand to wipe clean the blood that drenched it.  And in that same instant, Dellasseea’s eyes moved to the steel fragment they pulled from his chest.  The image of its impact and their subsequent effort to remove it swept through her and she swayed backwards.

Gently Lionheart seized her by the other arm and raised her to his side.  She brushed mindlessly at the mud now caking the front of her skirt.  Again, to those around her, there seemed a hesitation. 
Looking to the boy standing wide-eyed with amazement, she reflected out of frustration, ‘Am I truly re-living a displaced portion of time— or merely following rewritten words of a long-lost storyline? 
Relinquishing her consult to those pointless questions, she stated in a matter-of-fact voice, "His body comes with us."

"Another one?" A brazen young voice pierced a now silent nightscape. "We can't keep carrying all these bodies around.  It’s…"
Had he not smarted off she would have left it alone at the question.  But his tone warranted her attention and direction.  Though she chose to accept and walks a road not of her own paving, knowledge of the future never made it easier to meet.  Dellasseea turned and grabbed the adolescent by the front of his shirt.  Yanking him closer she ennuniated, "He goes with us!"
She held him in an unfaltering gaze as he tried ineffectively to squirm out from her grip.  His mouth dropped open, and a sudden sense of fear shot through her. 
Though she had more sympathy for his current situation than he could presently believe, she finished with,  "I owe you no explanation!" 

Hoping he would see in her eyes that she offered him guidance, Dellasseea delayed for the response she knew he wouldn't make.  She couldn’t fault the boy his attitude. 

‘So you are him!’ she mused Within. 
She hadn’t recognized him until just now.  Another to hvae came into his own place; his part in the future she, and those closest to her, fought to duplicate.
As she let go, the boy looked down at the bloodied print staining his shirt. "Besides," she continued, "if you truly knew what was going on here, you'd already know why we’re tak--- " 

She couldn’t finish.  There was no real need to.  She had to let it play out.  Instead, Dellasseea offered a loving smile.  And then she turned and walked off; disappearing with Khy-Lin and Lionheart, back into the darkness.
As Styian and others lifted The Interpreter's body, the boy just stood there; knowing better than to say another word.  Still somewhat frazzled, it didn't register who it was that shoved a dog-eared paperback at him.  Or, for that matter, who it was that told him simply to, "Read it!"
Frozen in place until completely alone, he looked down to find he actually recognized the book.  Destiny's Heir was the second volume in The Forbidden World Chronicles.  He’d read them all.  And is exactly why he sought out and joined the camp.  Written throughout the Awakening Years and published sometime after the Caged Heart tours, it chronicled the events that would lead to their eventual escape from this world. 
With a new and unfettered curiosity the boy opened it up to a worn out bookmark.  Its tassel long since torn away and floral design all but remaining, an equally faded verse barely read, “Anything is possible if you believe.” 

Closing it quickly, as if not the proper time or the actual place—as he would soon come to read—he tucked it safely away in pocket of the adult-sized, professional football sports jacket.  He then rushed off to join the rest as they departed to secure the camp. 
Later that night, unable to sleep, he will open the books tattered pages and read of the very situation in which he'd just been a part.  By reading anew, he will find himself in her stories much the same way others came to recognize themselves; as being inextricably linked.  As he continues, he will  remember reading of the young boy, considered to be a loaner, and the man who would eventually adopt him. He will have a better understanding of his existing attachment to one of her personal guardians, and will from tomorrow on, be the one this high-born woman affectionately refers to as, Shadow.
In the long and hard days that followed, Dellasseea N’Syis saw The Interpreter's body along the way to his destined pyre.  She sang at its lighting in a voice not of this world, and touched the souls of all who listened. 
His remains would be carried back to EeDellon, as she would not leave him to the coldness of this unkind world.  There will she return him to terra firma.  Though his are not the only ashes to be taken, the difference is that the seed of the another's rebirth already sleeps within her; making his the first birth on EeDellon since the night of its all-but-total annihilation. 
As the First Born Daughter of the Primal Elements returned to the front, there was consolation only in knowing The Interpreter's soul had belonged to the Old One. The first of The Ancient Ones, and not to that which ruled this forbidding world.  Though he is gone to her now—for what will seem as forever—he will be re-absorbed into the oneness from which his life force and subsequent sparked soul had been extracted.  There, where Time matters not, his essence will wait.  For now, there are people reach and a Doorway yet to be found. But once upon returning home—when the Old One sees things right—The Interpreter's soul will be gifted back as a child for her to birth. 

Blessings, LL Abbott

Caged Heart--The Last Heartbound / The Forbidden World Chronicles ~L.L. Abbott
Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved -- Current Draft

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