Sunday, October 5, 2008

Gearing Up

I've been in recovery mode of recent; due to both my degenerating discs and fibromyalgia. Keeping frustration at bay is an ongoing battle. But enough of that. I don't want to give either condition anymore power over me than they already generate.
This coming week I'm spending what time I am able to maintain on reading through the mountain of handouts I've downloaded for the upcoming 2008 Muse Online Writer's Conference.
I've lost count of the number of online forums/workshops, and live Chats available. I signed up for more than I'll likely be able to handle, physically, but-- what with my sleep patterns all amuk, I do tend to have many up-all-night-into-the-wee-hour occasions to log in to any given forum and pick up on what I can.
I hope to take advantage of Organize Your Writing Life (Cheryl Malandrinos), Query Letters! Editing them perfectly for a great first impression (Carolyn Howard-Johnson), Seek Your Bliss (Pat Harrington), Red Hot Internet Publicity (Penny Sansevieri), Wham, Bam, Thank You, Ma'am: Cutting to the Chase and Writing First Chapters That HOOK (Sara Reinke), What Aspiring Writers Need to Know (Marie Delgado Travis), A Blueprint for Your Creative Space through the Power of Feng Shui (Anna Maria Prezio), On Becoming a Professional Amateur (Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff), BEFORE COPY EDITING (Claudia Suzanne), along with a Dialogue Workshop (Devon Ellington), just to name a few.
Several publishers and editors (e and POD) are also promised to be on hand, i.e., Niteblade Magazine (Rhonda Parrish), Double Dragon Publishing (Deron Douglas), and Red Rose Publishing (publisher & editors).
There appears to be a fair amount of homework involved so I'm readying, Walks With the Moon, as regards dialog, plot, critique, and the like. Especially since I just fleshed out a new scene of dialog a few days ago, this would be my work of choice. It's going on 10K words and I want to see it through as I desperately want to get back to my Forbidden World Chronicles. (I'd post a link to the site, but ad banners are currently overriding access to my site. I have a trouble-shooting ticket in to Helpdesk, and hope to see this remedied soon.)
[LINK ADDED 10-6, PROBLIMO SOLVED. I'm leaving the parenthetical info in case
anyone experiences this. I know I didn't like seeing my site high-jacked!]
I also need to address the matter of getting my desk and workspace cleaned up and better organized. There are notebooks, questions, and homework in order.
That's it for now. I'll let you know how the Conference progresses.

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Devon Ellington said...

Wasn't it fun?

Do either yoga or acupuncture give you any relief?

I'm terrified of acupuncture, but I've found it the best technique for pain management for chronic injury. I don't know how it works with fibromyalgia,though.