Friday, April 4, 2008

The Power of One's Voice

Writing Tip of the Day: April 4, 2008
As a writer, capture your unique voice which
you bring to each portion of your writing
I know it takes more than finely crafted words to move a reader to turn the first page. It's also the voice they hear that draws them further into the next, and the page after that.
Though I can speak only for myself, here is another possible aspect of what shapes a writer. The matter of the written word seeming easier to accomplish. Writing as opposed to standing, voluntarily or otherwise, at the head of a large body of people in order to speak them; aloud. With that said, there also remains the different reasons why a writer writes. Whether it is done for oneself or writing for someone else, it is imperative to know ones voice.
Yes, every well written speech has an equally good writer behind it; but, not every speech is delivered by its author. As with me, though I've studied public speaking, I find it well outside of my equally entrenched comfort zone. I've shied away from reading my own verse at a bookstore poetry reading. The end result? The woman who volunteered to read it for me, changed it. She changed a couple of the words and my voice was then forever lost.
Each individual voice reflects ones education or the lack thereof. It reflects all that influenced the child, on through and into adulthood. Whether fact, fiction, or pure fantasy, the voice of a piece is encompassed by all the pain, joy, or misfortune ever felt. The voice is a soul laid bear; there for readers to take and lose themselves in. And if they turn that first page, they may learn from or simply revel in and enjoy. .

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