Friday, June 5, 2009

The Friday Five Favorites of June 5th

Though I've been back online since last week, getting a post updated has proved difficult. More on that later. For now, I merely want to get a Favorites out to everyone. This week I thought I would address five of my favorite RSS feeds. So here we go.
No. 1—Words on a Page
I’ve posted a link to her blog more than once already, but it bears repeating. Lori Widmer is a great resource for freelance writers. She is also a champion for fair working wages [Writer’s Worth Day], and not selling oneself short.
No. 2—The Urban Muse
I found Susan Johnston’s site via Twitter [UrbanMuseWriter], and find it to be another great source of information. See: 5 Tips for Organizing Source Material or I Said, He Said, We Said
No. 3—Freedom From The Mundane
Okay! I’m more familiar right now with his website and Twitter posts, but— I’m a few chapters into Colin Galbraith's, Stella, [Yes. You read right! Review pending—and more about that soon!], and subscribed to his blog a day or so back. Check out his first stop on the blog tour for:

No. 4—Quips and Tips
Another Twitter find, Laurie Pawlik-Keinlen’s site is another great resource for both the beginning and seasoned writer. As goes her Tweets? They're filled with inspiring quotes and quips.

No. 5—Working Writer’s Coach
Lastly, I met Suzanne Lieurance during last year’s Muse Online Writer’s Conference, and subscribed to her Build Your Business Write newsletter soon after. Do yourself a favor and meet up with her as well.

Though I linked only a few, all [myself included] tweet regularly on Twitter.

That's it for today. More posts pending. Reeeeally!



Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen said...

Thanks for mentioning my Quips & Tips blog, L.L.!

I'm sorry you've been offline lately, and that you're dealing with fibro and other health issues. I have ulcerative colitis -- it's not nearly as bad as fibro, but it's a pain in the ass (literally!).

Hey -- I just remembered that a writer friend of mine wrote an article called 7 Tips for Writing With a Chronic Illness ( for my blog. It might help -- and if you have any tips or questions, I welcome your input!

See you in cyberspace :-)


L.L. said...

I'm not familiar with ulcerative colitis, but sounds like nothing I desire to add to the mix. (~:

I wish you well, Laurie!!!!

And thank you, for the link to the article. I will definitely surf on over there and give it a read.