Saturday, January 10, 2009

Queries and Ghosts

This is a very quick post today.
Stop by Lea's blog for a wonderfully insightful discussion [resulting from yesterday's post] regarding query letters, and whether a writer should seek help in writing one, hire it out to a freelance ghost writer, or summon up the courage and perfect it his or herself. The respect that we've all a right to expect, whether we be the writer, the potential agent, editor or publisher, also factored and weighed in from all sides of the table.
You might also want to stop by the following blog: Nathan Bransford~Literary Agent [soon to be added to my Blogs I'm Following list!], and read More on Ghost Queries, which is what fueled Lea's post and subsequent intellectual rant. Their perspectives are invaluable; whether old or new to the business of words.


Chad Sayban said...

I personally don't have a problem with a writer using a ghost to write a query letter. A query letter is only a business tool, not the art that the novel or story is. That said, I would always write my own query letter only because I would never want to have anyone other than myself to blame for it not hitting the mark.

Devon Ellington said...

I commented on Nathan's blog. I think it's part of the writer's job to learn how to write a good query letter. All jobs have skills one needs to learn. I want an agent or editor to be interested in ME, not someone mimicking my voice.

There's a difference between having help crafting a great query and jobbing it out.