Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Brain is a Stormy Place

This will be a quick post today. I spent yesterday in serious brainstorm mode, listing out 2009 Goals and To Dos. Plan A was to have all of this done by end of December. Plan C, is now in affect. On top of the primary list? Determine what is absolutely necessary. Key for me this year is to continue downsizing my personal lifestyle; to keep it simpler.
Late in the evening I finally opened up Excel in an effort to get everything better organized. I’ll work to prioritize a few of them today, but for the most part, I need to finish up getting my workspace and studio straightened up, vacuumed, and smudged. Then I can sit down and concentrate on the long and short term goals. I'll post some of them here. Plus, I want to finish writing and post the information about my Renewal Journal; most likely to update over the weekend. I'm also going to need some recovery time.
I answered and posted my 2009 GDRs, as relates to my writing, back on Tuesday, but have added to them since. I’m also updating my Pearls of Wisdom site for the Winter Update. Check out the following link: Sacred Lands – Interactive Map, posted to my Turtle Island Links. I believe the whole of the earth, That Which Sustains Us, should be considered sacred. I've written about this before, and because of this new-found link, I'm mulling over future writings.
That’s it for now. More soon.


Chad Sayban said...

Wow, it sure sounds like you are very busy getting things together. You really will deserve some recovery time.

R.J. Medak said...

"The Brain is a Stormy Place", is why my website is Stormy Writer.

Plan "C". good luck with your goals.

Simpler is better, wish I knew how to simplify my life in some ways.

You have given me food for thought.