Sunday, March 30, 2008

Editors, Coaches, and the Analogies of Sports

Writing Tip of the Day: March 30, 2008
Treat your editors like the coach from any sports team
because the editor knows their audience and only rejects writing
with a good reason--even if you never learn the specifics.
Awlrighty then! Guess I'd better decide which wall to paper with those pending rejections. What I'd rather do, though, is not waste anyone's time.
What I take from this tip is, try as I may I simply won't satisfy every editor, er-- coach. And at very least, I need to know the market, er-- fans I target and give him or her the least amount of reason to sack me. Especially if I'm likely to never know why my dunk didn't slam.
This goes back to research, OK-- studying the playbook and doing what's required to complete a hard-won pass. No. That doesn't mean I'm not going to earn my fair share of penalties, or not have a foul called against me. I'm sure there's still a lesson or three for me to learn the hard way. But! I can work to keep near upsets at a minimum or a flag from even being thrown. Because the referee doesn't have to change his mind based on the instant replay. If he even decides to review it.
Since those 4th quarter Hail Marys are risky, I'd prefer to stay ahead of the game and remain a heavy favorite. So, I'd best get busy. I've got a full court press to maneuver, the clock is ticking and it's minutes to the buzzer, er-- deadline.
Oh yeah! I can do sports analogies. But, it took a bit of research.

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