Friday, May 1, 2009

The Friday Five Favorites of May 1st

I pulled these from my Soul Echoes Mood Music YouTube Channel. Unfortunately, since Google took over, I can no longer get into my account to add to, or make changes in the playlists. When I log on, using my Google account info, it does give me the opportunity to access an existing account. But when I say yes, it simply will not load. If anyone has the secret to making it work, please let me know.
That aside, many writers, depending on what they're working on, have some form of music in the background playing to their Muse. And many do not want to be distracted by voices or lyrics.
So, here's this week's five favorite non vocal soundtracks--courtesy of the YouTube phenomena.
No. 1— ANCIENT WAY from Earth Drum ~David & Steve Gordon
The video opens with the rise of the sun in the American Southwest. And after a wonderful tour of images, it closes with the setting of the sun. It's easy to become entranced by this piece
No. 2— NARA from Unearthed ~E.S. Posthumus
Though the video is visually-stunning, to say the very least, this is one of my favorite instrumentals. It's intensity stirs the very Soul of imaginings! This is also a piece I would love to crank up to full volume.

Another version ~ with images of Fantasy both Dark and Ethereal
No. 3— ADAGIO FOR STRINGS ~Samuel Barber
Need to be brought to tears? This one does it for me. Everytime! I have wondered what it was that touched Barber so, while he composed this piece.
Though it's not exactly my favorite video, it's one of the cleanest audio tracks. The live orchestral versions out there have too much audience interaction, coughing, etc.
No. 4— MOONLIGHT SONATA ~ Ludwig van Beethoven
Nothing embodies Melancholy more than Beethoven’s sonata. .

Here's another version with various images of the Moon that would inspire any writer of Urban Fantasy.
No. 5— THE SUN from Point of Origin ~Yanni
"And so the First One, the Primal Element of Creation, hurled an orb of flame out into the Great Void, and the marvel of Light shone and pierced the veil of the vast Dark."

~Dellasseea N’Syis, the FirstBorn Daughter of the Primal Elements,
after being granted the memory of the First Light.
From The Forbidden World Chronicles ~L.L. Abbott
Enjoy! And may you all have a wonderful weekend.

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