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What's in a Date?

Birthdays--- Hum-m-m, let us see!

The Protagonist: Two Births.
As Dellasseea N'Syis--  Crystalline birth (Inorganic). Delsyis.
Firstborn Daughter of the Primal Elements. Heartbound.

Date of Birth: No precise date. But some time during the middle phase of the First Era of recorded Time --[FE]-- (Millennia ago.)

Not a birth in the conventional sense.  And actually she is the second born FirstBorn. Her creation was warranted after her brother's reason for existence (while feasible) proved ineffective. Neither were born out of Love or by happy chance. They were the tools used to monitor and bring an end to the chaos that certain of the Ancients perpetrated--- not only upon themselves, but upon that which they had created as well.

As Perrie Stevens (Dellasseea N'Syis)-- Human birth (Lesser Organic). The Forbidden World

Date of Birth: Not a birth in the conventional sense. For all intents and purposes, Perrie Stevens was born under the Sixth Moon of the cyclical year; regardless the calendar in use. Third Era --[TE]--

As for the year? In truth, she was never truly "born" into this world.  Soon after her abduction from EeDellon, and she believed all those bound to her heart were dead, Dellasseea N'Syis resolved to terminate her Life Force.  This is something Aukasaunon could not allow.  So he, in turn, determined to send her through the Window of Light.  Once transmutated into infant form, the FirstBorn Daughter of the Primal Elements was placed [babies switched at birth] with a human family and raised into adulthood, as Perrie Stevens. No one of note/Totally ignorant of her past.

The Antagonist: [Of which there are two.]
Annessau, Primal Element of the Heart -- Formlessness to Crystalline birth (Inorganic). All That Is/Delsyis.
Aukasaunon, Primal Element of the Void -- Formlessness to Crystalline birth (Inorganic). All that Is/Delsyis.

Dates of Births: Unknowable
They--The Ancients, The First Ones--existed an unknowable expanse of time prior to any other known form of life; even their own mutation into inorganic form and manner of recorded Time.

The Love Interest: Two Births
Geffen-- Human birth (Organic/Inorganic [Hybrid]). Heartbound. EeDellon.

Date of Birth: No precise date. But some time toward the end of the First Era. --[FE]--
Not a birth in the conventional sense. While Human birth flourished on EeDellon, for all intents and purposes, he was never truly "born" into EeDellon. The Old One [ Primal Element of Creation. An Ancient. The first of the First Ones.] created him in order to hide the Heart Shard he stole away from Annessau.

Ray Lynn (Geffen)-- Human birth (Lesser Organic). The Forbidden World

Date of Birth: Not a birth in the conventional sense. Ray Lynn was born under the First Moon of the cyclical year; regardless the calendar in use. Third Era --[TE]--

As a member of the first EeDellon rescue teams, once inside the Inner Chamber of the Tunnels of Life and Deasth, and transmutated into infant form, Geffen was placed [babies switched at birth (via EeDellian Guardians)] with a human family (to hide his true identity), and raised into adulthood as Ray Lynn. Vocalist/Front Man for Traverse. Via the pre-determined co-ordinates, he emerged from the Window of Light a full cycle and a half ahead of Perrie Steven's birth record.

The Protagonist's Confidant: [Of which there is none. Well---]
As Dellasseea N'Syis-- Possibly Aunsa. [Primal Element of All That Is -- An Ancient. A First One.] Eternity's Librarian. --[FE]--

Date of Birth: Unknowable.
Dellasseea confided in Aunsa during her self-imposed exile into the Catacombs; within Delsyis.

As Perrie Stevens-- No one.

Date of Birth: --NA--
There is truly no one close enough to her that Perrie believes she could trust.  Oh, there are several that she sensed were sympathetic to her plight.  But she learned quickly not to involve and/or endanger them; regardless the relationship. [See Willful Stubbornness]   It took years to trust in her own Awakening.  What she knows, she keeps to herself.

Blessings, LL Abbott
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