Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Walk on the Beach

Perrie Stevens refolded the linen napkin and placed next the breakfast plate. She took one last sip of tea, rose and then made her way to the wooden stairs that leads to the compound's private beach. 

The doctors cleared her for more strenuous  activity, and she is finally able to explore more of her new surroundings.  Being mindful of their words of caution, she rested both hands upon the teak balustrade.  It was a long way down, and Perrie was content for the moment, to merely take in the sound of the waves crashing upon the lonely shore.

She drew in and breathed deep of the salted air.  At the same time--- Perrie closed her eyes and concentrated on the rhythmic fluctuations of the ocean's sway.  It enthralled her.  And settled her.  It was exactly the prescription she needed filled.  And, as a smile broadened across her weary face, she released her grip and began the descent.

After stopping once to rest, Perrie finally touched her bare foot upon the cool sand.  The inlet was hours away from being warmed by the Sun. And the lingering fog swirled with her passing.  The sand molded to each step as she made her way toward the rocks that jetted from the ocean's keeping. 

The West Winds blew gently and played with the loose wisps of hair about her face.  And Perrie worked to secure a strand behind her left ear as she collected her gauze skirt and stooped to get a closer look at the tide pools.  She reached to touch a petal of one of the flowers, and it quickly folded up into a crusty little donut.  While she marveled at the beauty of the Anemones, it was not lost on her--- her Fate. She rose and stood to look across the great expanse of the sea and give serious thought to the last few months.

Knowing something was not quite right in her life, Perrie closed her eyes one day, several years ago, and asked to know The Truth.  In the wildest of imaginings she could never have conceived of herself as being the very key to it all.  With Doubt, came her Awakening. And with her Awakening, the Correcting truly began.  She stood now within the safety of those who risked so much to find her.  But her, their journey was far from the conclusion once reached.  It could still all go very terribly wrong.

Lost in such deep thought, Perrie barely sensed his Touch as gentle waves washed over her feet. And as the warm water receded, she felt Geffen's ethereal hand brush up her arm and across her bared shoulder. When newly wetted sand began to shift from underneath her toes, he reached Within and enveloped her Crystalline heart.  A sigh escaped her lips and Perrie welcomed the embrace.

'Good morning, My Lady.' he whispered Within.

She drew up a fisted hand to her heart and savored the voice in her mind.  A renewed smile broadened upon her face; but--- it was Ray Lynn's smile that formed; not her own that was felt.

'Good morning, My Love.' Dellasseea VoiceThought Within.

As Perrie raised her left hand, it was his movement that rested it upon her right.  His hand that caressed the one she held tight to her breast.  It was here, having crossed and survived both Time and dimensional Space, that two stood Within; as one. 

Always mindful of their vulnerability during such moments, and ever protective of Geffen's efforts, Dellasseea N'Syis forced the disconnect.  Perrie stepped back from the waters edge. And the dry sand swirled as she turned around and looked up to find Ray Lynn standing at the balustrade.  She watched him take in a deep breath and draw himself back into their current reality. His eyes opened and he focused them upon hers.  And this time the smile upon her face was that of her own making.

'Shall I come down to help you back up?'

'Yes, I think.'  Perrie VoiceThought.

She had her Chronicles to write.  And he had an album to finish recording.  All too soon she would join Traverse on the road.  A very new life was about to begin.  Much of which she knew to expect.  But there was a great deal more she could not yet know.  And I am needed elsewhere; as another Awakening is to begin.

Blessings, LL Abbott
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Excerpted storyline from The Bead [WIP]
Caged Heart--The Last Heartbound / The Forbidden World Chronicles ~L.L. Abbott
Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved 

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