Thursday, January 7, 2010

It is Risk-taking Time

My Muse showed up yesterday and we waltzed through Time and Space. Today I though it time to bear a writer's soul and share a snippet of the work. The following rough draft is history to:

The Forbidden World Chronicles
by L.L. Abbott

There is more of this storyline drafted out under the a working title:

The Fire Orbs


There was a time when all was new. And another, when in the vast and great darkness there shone a light. A fire orb breathed into existence by the Old One. The Primal Element of Creation, and first of the First Ones.
In that light smaller orbs of earth, water, and rock came into view; an on-going experiment and tinkering of the mind. Done long into his exile from the rest of the Primal Elements of the Universe—the First Ones, the Ancients—they existed as a testament to his self-imposed aloneness.
Though all of the First Ones bear the responsibility of creation, each effort took on different and unique forms. While some are considered as Beauty, there are those considered as Horrid. But what is simply is. Beauty, or otherwise, is forever held in the eye and soul of its maker. But. While the other Elements busied themselves in their own directions, and children—the Creator Race—the Old One brought light and shadows into the farthest and emptiest regions of the Great Darkness.
Assured of his secret (it would, after all, take millennia before even the faintest of glimmers of light betrayed him), he traversed his creation to observe the strange happenings. Waters warmed upon the smaller terran orbs. Loam sprouted green. Organisms enveloped by the new-found warmth flourished in unexpected turns. And in his uncorrupt wonder of it all— the Old One tinkered more.

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