Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Pard

The Pard
                        by LL Abbott
Working Draft to Puzzel Pieces,
from The Forbidden World Chronicles
A new snippet I drafted out recently. While it still needs a bit more fleshing out,
I'm not totally sure why it even came to me at all. I haven't given much thought
 to my writing for a good long while. YEARS to be more exact. That said,
Comments and Feedback welcome!  Blessings~
Her days with the Old One were filled of much learning. The human body was still so new to Dellasseea N'Syis. She had had little time to become acquainted with its nuances, before being cast through an all-but-forgotten portal of the Great Void, and into the newly crafted organic dimension of the Old One's creation.
After nearly 5 cycles of the ghostly Night Orb within this new dimension, on this strangely tarraformed world, issues began to diminish with what the Old One had termed as Sensory Overload. Still--- There remained those times she endeavored to differentiate between her known sensations [which could include perceiving the sensitivities and passions of those around her], and those garnered by her experiences within this new organic cage of flesh.  And though it remained unspoken, the First Born Daughter of the Primal Elements, determined there was a purpose here, far greater than that of her own creation.
It was all so new to her; this physical human cage. Having overwhelmed her so early on, Dellasseea truly relished the new sights that filled her human eyes. And, the many new and wondrous sounds that filled her physical ears delighted her to no end. But, her now-daily excursions into the surrounding forest [which she was only just allowed to negotiate on her own--provided she stayed within the boundaries the Old One had set], were made much more enjoyable once she was able to discern Birdsong from the leaves in the canopy, clattering in the winds, and/or from the rush of the waters and the falls, at the Pool of Swans.
There were sensations, though, that still affected her--- such as feeling the actual embrace of another; like the sensation of the Old One wrapping his arms about her, in what he termed a Hug. To embrace was not uncommon in their Crystalline dimension; though--- while used more by some, certain of others deemed it abhorrent. A distain of familiarity.
In whatever way--- It is one thing to know and another entirely to feel that one Crystalline has been caressed by anther. Within the dimension of the First Ones--The Ancients--what each feels, is the passion the embrace instills.  That, and along each other's passion (or passions) of the moment.
It is only by experiencing such a unique sensation, within an entirely divergent realm of existence--one where the touch of and by the appendages of another are physically felt--that the physical sensation is in addition to what the passion of the embrace instills. This human body gave certain of actions whole new sensations.
The Old One had learned of this himself, as he walked--in human form--among his own creation. And one day soon, when he felt the timing right, Dellasseea N'Syis would learn just how keen the Valley Tribes were on this--- Hugging thing.
'They are a very huggy people.' The Old One has been documented as saying.
There was also a matter of the differences in the colors visible to the workings of her human eyes. That here, her vision was diminished. It had seemed to her that certain colorations no longer registered, and she inquired as to whether she may have experienced a defective optical anomaly. The Old One assured her it was a simple matter of the limitations in the spectrum of this new organic dimension. Another of his own personal experiences garnered during his travels throughout the Valleys below.
So many things Dellasseea still knew no words for; but---  so much time was gifted her in which to learn of this new terraformed world, and equally new dimension. Both previously unknown--- save by the Old One and Eternity's Librarian. And now, by the [albeit self-imposed] newly exiled First Born Daughter of the Primal Elements of the Universe.

It was late when Dellasseea returned from her daily excursion.  She had left well before the Great Fire Orb loomed fully over the horizon. And, she could hardly wait to share her accountings, and practice her vocalizations (Nothing was VoiceThought during these sessions), though--- she was not entirely sure he would welcome knowing she had traversed the secreted vale alone. Still, she excitedly relayed her findings, and then waited--ever so patiently--for his teachings and/or explanations.
Original Painting by Susan Seddon Boulet ~The Goddess Series
"I saw another of your creatures this afternoon. It is truly beautiful, Aunnon. So sleek. It is---" at times she needed to search for the proper words, "as a shadow. A darkness; like that of the Great Nothingness. With eyes the color of your vast--- the valley grasses?"  So many new words to add to her still-growing vocabulary. "Yet--- There is a fierceness to its presence."
"You have seen my Pard." The Old One replied.
He turned away unexpectedly, hoping to cut short the conversation. And, his reluctance to offer anything further was palpable; he truly wanted nothing more said to this recounting. It had the potential for being yet another of the rare times, given persuasive reasoning, when he hesitated sharing relevant knowledge.
"I was angry when I created him." The Old One continued; knowing she would not be satisfied until he did share.
"How could you create out of Anger?"
The Old One chortled. "Only the Primal Element of Love could have asked of such a matter." he said, looking off into an unknown distance; into memories of eons past. He turned back to meet his daughter's eyes, and smiled. "Aonstau gave you more than the fair share requested of him for your creation."
In their dimension of origin, Dellasseea would simply have sensed his gratification. Here, encaged within this human form--while she found her Crystalline sensations were in no way diminished; still able to sense any and all emotions--she could witness how the lips broadening across the Old One's face evinced a pleasure of sorts. And, she marveled at its function.
After releasing a deeply drawn breath, she asked, "What angered you so?"
"Does it matter?" he asked in return.
"Yes." she replied in her usual, and stubborn, matter-of-fact innocence.
"How close were you?" The Old One determined an opening to hopefully change her line of thought. "Did he see you? Or become aware of your presence?"
"No, Aunnon." Her demeanor waxed straightaway more reserved, "We did not Bond."
Blessings, LL Abbott
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The Forbidden World Chronicles ~L.L. Abbott
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Friday, June 12, 2015

Testing, testing. This is merely a Test

Playing around with a new header graphic.  It would change with specific posts. Since I'm going to be transferring some very old entries from another blog, I thought it would help to differentiate between bits and pieces of the overall storyline. 

I created this header for an earlier blog post, back in 2013: Lost and Found...

Let me know what you think.


Blessings, LL Abbott
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The Forbidden World Chronicles ~L.L. Abbott
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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Thank You

Just a quick post, here, to offer my thanks to those who found their way to my humble little blog. I had the ever-bestest of intentions when I created this little niche on the WWW. I can tell from the stats, that I have periodic visitors. So, I KNOW you are out there. (~:

I'm going to take a little bit of time, in the next few weeks, to upgrade a few of the features here.  A Language App; Social Media links; possibly a new header; etc. So--- Look for a few changes, and possibly a few new posts. I welcome any exchange in dialog, should you choose to engage.

Bye for now, and Blessings~
L.L. Abbott

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Whichever Way I Go

Love I get so lost, sometimes
Days pass and this emptiness fills my heart
When I want to run away
I drive off in my car
But whichever way I go
I come back to the place you are

But whichever way I go
I go now, because of You. 
Whichever way I go is altered
because I chose to trust in that which I could not see. 
Because of that which I learned Within.
Because of that and those I grew to doubt had my best interests at heart.
Because of You, I gave pause to the life lived for

and not truly by me.

Whichever way I go
I am now forever changed.
Your Voice touched my heart, and Awakened me.
Your Touch stirred long-erased memories.
The Visions you shared embraced me with a Love

I could only have known once found.
Your Words gave me Hope.
But, your Actions left each, and the other, Undone.
I am now alone and kept apart from those I would already have known.

Whichever way I go
I go now, stock-still.
Out of circulation and alienated
I remain lost in this fragmentation of Time.
With you being the manifestation

of that which she long-ago tore from me
While I remain the secreted trophy

of that which he stole away from you.

But whichever way I go
I can no longer go without you.
Though I surrender my efforts now and again
My words keep bringing me back to where you are.

Whichever way I go
You forced me to do so alone.
With Eternity's future now unknown
I remain lost to what might have might been
And though fearful of the consequences
of when we Touch,
I hear your Voice and my heart still melts.
And I long for what the Dreaming affords us;
those ever-precious moments unsurveiled. 

But whichever way I go
or do not choose to go
I do so having survived the tide that so divides.
All these years later, our hearts broken in two
I come back faithfully, to the place you are.

It is time for a new Bargain struck.  


Blessings, LL Abbott
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The Forbidden World Chronicles ~L.L. Abbott
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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Who Am I -- A Character Silhouette

There are many involved in what I have tried to tell; including those who gave their lives allowing it to be so. While the telling honors their loss, I am the fundamental reason it needs told.
It is best these words come in written form; for what you would otherwise see is not, in Truth, who I am.  My physical self is quite literally a cage. An entrapment meant to manipulate and deceive. I am at the same time, though, what you can and cannot see.
I live confined within terran form.  Stolen away and hidden within a displaced fragment of Time. Due to an arrangement between two of the Primal Elements, The First Ones--The Ancients; bargained I am away into obscurity from all I came to know and hold dear.
I am confined upon what was long-ago-deemed The Forbidden World.  A world grown immeasurably not as it should have been.  Its name is now lost to the descendents of those who first inhabited the virgin terra-formed orb.  Though known by more than one throughout the All That Is, its current inhabitants may not be ready to know its true designation.
Prior to The Correcting, I was merely one more individual struggling in their own manner, with the societal conditionings imposed upon the masses.  Seemingly lost, until I chose to listen to the whisperings Within. It was no easy feat; getting me to heed their efforts. I am incessantly stubborn. Yet, I listened.  I saw what they needed me to see. I believed. Yet, I doubted. I separated myself from those who did wrong by me. I questioned my own sanity; leading to my eventual withdrawal from the unseen battlefields of the equally unknown war waged on my behalf.

My Awakening began when I sought the deep stillness, and asked, regardless of the old axiom of being careful, to know the Truth.  Never in my wildest imaginings, could I have conjured such an account as was given me to know.  Memories were gifted me through visions. Puzzle pieces of a long-forgotten past, of far off worlds, and unseen dimensions. Bargains struck, and the irrevocable disorder of the previous timelines declared.

Yet, throughout every memory of disbelief; pain and loss; and of love, there was an undeniable immediate sense of knowing it all to be the True.

I am the FirstBorn Daughter of the Primal Elements. Those--- or better said, That Which Has Always Been, Is, and Will Forever Be.  But--- I am not born out of Union. I am born neither by the desire to procreate, nor of Love. Necessity determined my existence.

By means of a harshly strained collaborative undertaking, I am a fix.  A solution meant to repair that which came to be too easy to circumvent. I am a contrivance. A tool used monitor the havoc The Ancients wrought not only upon each other, but-- also upon that which they created.

I am stolen. Yet, also found. I am awakened. But, not quite yet whole. I am victim to a newer Bargain struck. What was, no longer is. The Future is now changed. I am lost. Kept apart. Alone and undone. I am Terran. At the same time, I am Crystalline; unseeable to organic eyes.

I am Dellasseea N'Syis, the FirstBorn Daughter of the Primal Elements of the Universe. I am the creation of the Old One; the first of the First Ones, and the Primal Element of Creation. I am his Gift to Chaos.  I want very much to return home. Back to those, and that which love.

Blessings, LL Abbott
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Caged Heart--The Last Heartbound / The Forbidden World Chronicles ~L.L. Abbott
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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Alone and Undone

The one thing I could never forgive is myself for proffering the new bargain with the Primal Element of The Void. Though it kept you safe, it has also kept us worlds apart. With Aukasaunon still in charge of your Fate.
Your brother broke all ties of communication.  And your Protectorian refuses to play as go between.  Both Delstau and our future son chastised my doing and I am now, this time around, replaced. All done because none can forgive.
To those whose eyes can see not the Truth, I am ever so easily replaced. While the public claims to understand the money-side of things, they cannot know the more sinister of intent. They are played for simple for fools more often than not. And the industry cares for adoring fans only as long as the revenues continue to flow.  So for all intents and purposes, I was replaced to protect the brand.

Traverse was free to replace me with anyone as long as the sound of the brand remained the same. The industry chose look-alikes in the past.  And more than one done with lasting success. But Traverse was already teetering on the brink. While it looked as though the band had conformed Delstau [upon K'Gelvin's direction], organized the band's open search. And the perfect Look Alike was found.  Done for your eyes alone--- to remind you how alike you saw your now Ex- and Me.

The last time around [The Second Displacement of Time], the shooter missed his mark.  Had what coated the bullet seeped but an infinitesimal of a fraction closer to your heart--- Was I expected to risk the same or worse this time around?  Was I expected to know he would indeed miss his mark again? You know by now, absolute duplication of the course of things is not guaranteed.  

You know it was no ordinary bullet that pierced your flesh then. Were it to have touched your heart,  coated as it was, it would have blackened not only the organic but the inorganic as well.  And you would have been no more.  I would have been no more. Our children would have been no more.  And any who was also bound, willingly or un-, would have been no more. 
Was I truly to stand by and let it happen as before, and risk it could have meant an irrevocable end? I am hated by all those who infiltrated before and behind my team. And forgiveness has come from none. I donned a mask of discontent and eventually appeared to have moved on; living a lifetime without you.  

Would I do it again to keep you safe? Knowing the misery you faced? 

While you willfully broke free of the arranged marriage, The Trials and further degradation did not happen.  The shooting did not happen.  But our lives together, also, did not happen.  And your Tells have yet to read.  The masses are still ignorant of the Truth.  And those who came for you, are pushed further away. More than ever before.

Where our music once filled your every waking hour, there is none now to be heard from your surroundings. Where once it filled you--- Made you sing and dance--- Now it leaves you empty. No one sings to you as they--- as we once did. Where once you remembered our Love--- You are now undone. Where once we knew and could have known each other's arm again, we are both of us banished to solitude.

The day the music died came not purely from your Awakening alone; the knowing of who you are-- of who we are.  It resulted also from the new bargain struck.   Which left you ever more alone. And all our efforts undone.

Were I to hold you in my arms, and be able to wipe your tears before they could fall, I would still not see forgiveness for what I've done.  I know none. I ask for none. And I expect none. But I remain forever yours. Faithfully.  As the Crystalline of my heart cannot feel otherwise.

Blessings, LL Abbott
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Caged Heart--The Last Heartbound / The Forbidden World Chronicles ~L.L. Abbott
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Sunday, October 13, 2013

If I Can't Have Her ....

Aukasaunon [Antagonist No. 2] is what he is. I don't know whether regret factors into anything that The Primal Element of the Void does; or has ever done.  And that envelops a huge expanse of Time. Both Chronicled and Unknowable.

Though there is no first, second, or third-hand knowledge of his having done so, his imprisonment here surely offered him enough time to ponder his wrongs.  But there is no evidence of his having suffered regret in his actions--- even of today.

But if at all, there is--in the Entirety of All That Is--one thing he wanted most to possess [enough to proffer a Bargain with Antagonist No. 1], and he may well regret sending her through the Window of Light, and into a displaced fragment of Time. Especially by the Third Displacement. But then he is the originator of what this world knows as the If-I-Can't-Have-Her-Then-No-One-Will Syndrome.

Blessings, LL Abbott
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Caged Heart--The Last Heartbound / The Forbidden World Chronicles ~L.L. Abbott
Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved 

Saturday, September 28, 2013

At What Cost Love?

Why? Because he is the Keeper of the Heart Shard. And he is bound, forever, to her heart.

Long, long millennia ago, during her self-imposed exile into the Catacombs of Delsyis, the FirstBorn Daughter of the Primal Elements learned of the existence of a Keeper.

With Aunsa's help, Dellasseea N'Syis traveled incognito to an unknown world in order to find and reclaim that which had been raped away. But, once she looked upon the Keeper--- she could not bring herself to be the cause of his demise. Instead, as Time passed, she found what otherwise may never have been known to her--- Love.

With the eventual passage of Time, and an innocent slip of Thought, the Old One's secret world was discovered.  Once realized, a long proscribed act was invoked.  The FirstBorn Daughter's Crystalline heart was bound to that of the Keeper's Human Hybrid heart in order to protect both from Annessau's imperishable wrath.

With another, even greater passage of Time, and a dark Bargain struck, there manifested (almost unknowingly) an interruption of Eternity. Protocols were by-passed. Gateways were breached, and Dimensional shifts maneuvered; transgressed. And while the embers of the devastation that followed still smoldered, and Dellasseea N'Syis made to think him dead--- the Keeper traveled to a long forbidden world, and transmutated himself willingly through Time. All done--with full intent--to find that which the Old One bound to his heart, and bring back to their beloved EeDellon; the origins of Humanity.

Blessings, LL Abbott
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Caged Heart--The Last Heartbound / The Forbidden World Chronicles ~L.L. Abbott
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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Rest in Peace?

I have two Antagonists. Both are Primal Elements; neither of which can die. 

While the Primal Elements [The First Ones, The Ancients] Are and always Will Be, there is one of the Ancients that was indeed murdered; millennia ago. And it was by his death that the detriment of being Heartbound was discovered.

There is a process in place, to this very day, that were one to die, all [along with any others bound to them] would die.  And this is simply a thing that cannot be allowed to happen.  As there would befall such an all-encompassing Chaos, regardless the dimension, to the all that is known of the entire universe. An act even the foulest of enemies would wish not seen happen. 

But--- were there some so inclined to wish the above-mentioned Antagonists dead, their organic dimension head stones might read:

Here lie the physical remains of Jealousness, Ruthlessness, and Malice. 
Remember them not with fondness lest it be forgotten the havoc they wrought.

Blessings, LL Abbott
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Caged Heart--The Last Heartbound / The Forbidden World Chronicles ~L.L. Abbott
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Friday, September 20, 2013

A Dimensional Shift

None, in this world; or dimension for that matter. Aunsa's an Ancient, a First One, and she exists beyond what Humans understand as Time and Space. [See What's in a Date?]

Within Delsyis--- She governs the Catacombs. That said, there are no settlements as such, that could be defined as Cities.

Blessings, LL Abbott
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Caged Heart--The Last Heartbound / The Forbidden World Chronicles ~L.L. Abbott
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